Issues starting her after restoration (nothing changed at carbs)

Discussion in 'Carb/Tuning' started by gaby_d2006, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Sep 5, 2018
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    So the story is: I did a complete restoration (without overhauling the engine). And now I can't get her starter no matter what I do.

    - I have ignition
    - fuel pump is working (I can hear it and also I see that it pushes fuel to carbs ( I have clear hose))
    - the carb assembly was taken apart (I cleaned each carb, no shotgun, just cleaned them with carb cleaner), here only thing that I've changed are the sync screws - those were unsynchronized.

    1st attempt: the bike started one time, went high in rpm and I killed it, then it started again for 1 second and it died and then no start.

    2nd attempt: I did the bench sync, now it won't start at all, nothing. The fuel tank cap was off. I spilled a bit of gas into the intake and it did like a cycle, like it started to get alive for half second. I have just about half gallon into the gas tank but I had switch to Res.

    no difference if the choke is on or off, no difference if the idle screw is up, middle on down.

    What should I try? Note: haven't touch any screw from the carbs, only the ones that you use for syncing.

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