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Discussion in 'VMax Parts For Sale' started by Gorgon, Jan 12, 2020 at 6:06 PM.

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    saint paul
    Parting out a 1998 motor. It has 55k on it and the 2nd gear issue. Heads are off and the cams are measuring below service wear limits. Oil smells burned so I think the valve guides are shot probably the rings also. The engine cases look ok as well as the right and left covers. This engine would have to be rebuilt from the ground up and I dont have the time. There are some usable parts or if you want to rebuild the heads. If there is something you can use give me a hoot at Im in Saint Paul MN. I would be letting them go for cheap. I will be checking msgs every couple days so sorry if I dont respond immediately. Knees to breeze.

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