Jaguar transistors for Yamaha igniter.

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Jun 30, 2021
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I have ECM from Jaguar X-type. It has 8 transistors (6 on one side, 2 on another, car is 6 cylinders.)
they look the same sizewize, P.n. are different, but OEM transistors are not manufactured anymore anyway.
The only problem is pin identification.
OEM Yamaha ETD41-035
Jaguar K2723

Both are T220 model(shape/size)


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Mar 26, 2020
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TO220 to be precise.

What is part number on the yamaha parts and same for the jaguar?

It should be possible to get an equivalent - note that Extracrep offer a service to repair the ignition module (the price will leave you with heart palpitations) but maybe if you contact them they could tell you what they part numbers are.

You MUST KNOW THE part number in case the pin outs are different or its bipolar or mosfet type.

But it should be possible to figure out the pin out.

If you are planning to use the ones from the jaguar module, then are they known to be working? and there is a small risk of damage when unsoldering and soldering hence my recommendation to use new parts, possibly better spec - in 30 years, there's been lots of developments in semi conductors, would set up back a couple of dollars.

BTW going by the vboost board, the circuit board is not glass fibre but the cheaper phenolyn (or something like that) board so be careful when desoldering as you don't want the copper tracks to lift.

I would snip the legs off the transistors then a bit of solder on the soldering iron tip, touch the pad and once the solder had melted, pull the pin from the top, so as not to push the copper track off the board.

Using some desoldering braid, mop up the solder so the hole is clear. When fitting the transistors, make sure the pads aren't being pushed by the legs.

Don't use a suction type desoldering tool as the may pull the copper pads up.

BTW you may want to keep all this in one thread as it is easier to follow your progress instead of a new thread for every question.
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