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Kannenberg auction Sept. 10/11 Auburn IN

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Mar 25, 2011
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Miami Florida
If you want to see some great bikes to buy, browse this auction.

The Denny “Kannonball” Kannenberg Collection Auction - Worldwide Auctioneers This is the portal

Catalogue - Kannenberg Motorcycle Collection Auction - Worldwide Auctioneers This is where you can see what's being sold.

Like two-stroke triples? There's even a fully-modified H2 750 dragster.

Bultacos, Montesas, Laverdas, Ducatis, OSSA's, Rickmans, a Suzuki water-cooled two-stroke triple GT750, a Suzuki Rotary, the '75 with the Giugiaro oddball styling, three GS1100's, two CBX's, a GPZ1100, a CX500 Turbo Honda V-twin, multiple Triumph twins, lots of flat trackers, streetbikes, strip bikes, and just look at their condition! This is no stored-outside scrapyard piled high with used-up bikes missing parts, non operational, junkyard mongrels. Most appear capable of running with some gas (or pre-mix), and a battery, or a strong leg, for the E-T bikes.

A sample: 1966 Triumph T-120 flat track warrior

Triumph flat track 1966.jpg