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Dec 11, 2007
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When I clean up the sales area, I go off of the date of last activity. If it's over 2 months old, the ad gets deleted as it has "expired". Before it was a pin in the butt to email people asking if items have sold or if they still want the ad to run.

Keeping the ads length trimmed to 2 months helps me keep track of things and keeps the ads somewhat current. To extend the ad (if it's not active) all you have to do is just bump your thread once every couple of months or so. Please don't bump the thread several times a week to keep the ad up top.

Also if you sell your item(s) and it flies under the radar, feel free to pm me and I'll delete the thread.

If the ad turns in to a a conversation type of thread, I'll edit the ad to back being an ad then move the conversations to a thread with a similar name to the ad so that we can keep the ad section from becoming a another sub conversation thread, then leave a redirect so the flow and the information in the conversations isn't lost.

The buy and sell section has been a breeze to work on and that trophy goes out to all the member's that use it.
Thank you for making easy

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