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Parts Wanted Looking for someone to repair my 86 VMAX in NY State

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NY Tom

Jul 24, 2018
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Riverhead, NY
I have a 1986 VMAX located on Long Island NY. Bike is stock and has sat for a few years. Prior to this it was having hot start issues.

I do not have the time to go thru this bike myself looking for someone qualified and experienced with these bikes to go thru it for me and resolve it properly.

Had the carbs rebuilt by Dannymax 2 years ago. Did not solve the hot start problem.

Will need fork seals and possibly front brake calipers rebuilt as well.

I would bring you the bike, it is registered and insured. No real time line. Thinking to get this started around the weekend 7/17 & 7/18.

Only other option is a dealer and I do not know any familiar with these bikes in my area.

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