Loud Grinding Noise in First and Second while accelerating

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Mar 22, 2021
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I scrolled first to find info on this, but I guess I don't. know how to describe this properly...

I wish I had a video to share so that sounds could be heard, but there is a definite grinding sound and noticeable torquey-jerking of the bike that's happening in first gear and second gear as I'm shifting on a Gen 1 bike...

I first noticed it in second gear as I was getting up to about 25 miles an hour and maybe 3,000 RPMs... it then happened a few more times as I began to run through the gears very gently keeping with the flow of traffic which is very slow where I live.

It then happened also in first gear as I was accelerating, so it seems to be an intermittent thing, but perhaps happening more frequently as the bike is going uphill and pulling a bit, or even on the flat while I'm trying to accelerate slightly to moderately quicker than a slow pickup would be.

I haven't gone faster than 30 mph in third gear yet as I've not been in a place where I could open it up yet, so it's possible third gear may do this as well, but so far nothing in third...


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