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Jul 29, 2016
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Sun Prairie, WI
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Hello All, This summer is just another fly by isn't it? I currently reside near Sun Prairie, WI and I've had 4 of these monsters since 1994. Currently my Max is the 2005 anniversary edition and is my all time favorite looking bike. I've always liked the red with the black wheels and a little flash of aluminum or chrome thrown in. Mine is #1844/2000 and that tag is long gone, lol. Somehow it fell off. Anyway, my bike is mechanically stock and aesthetically customized. It doesn't even have 10k miles on it, but that should change later this summer. A few years ago I changed out the headlamp for the Exactrep 7" HID setup and wow, definitely looks old school and a much brighter beam at night. Supertrapp exhaust from Jaimie Marsten and they do the job, but I had a Two Bros. 4:1 on a 98 Max that was absolutely the best sound I've ever had with the Max. Personally, I like the balanced look of two pipes from the rear, but you can't beat the sound from a 4:1. Last spring I took out the swingarm to paint and also replace the swingarm bearings. I've never liked the painted gray swingarm. Come on Yamaha! I'm for the most part done, maybe have a different speedo or install a monster tach up on top to complete the hot rod drag look. Other than that, I have hundreds of hours with minor custom features here and there. I will probably try and find another Corbin as that is the best setup for a guy like me. The cut down seat looks awesome, but I'm all legs and the Vmax feels small to me now.

In addition, I started an Instagram page in April of 2017 to showcase the Gen I Vmax. @yamaha.vmax.1200.only I wanted to put this bike back on the main stage once again by showcasing all of your bikes across the world. The page has exceeded my expectations by having over 3800 followers and wow, there are some great looking stock and custom creations out there. The one thing I miss is riding with my friends. I'm 46 and all of my high school buddies don't ride anymore. I really don't have anyone to ride with and that is sad. I'll never sell it or hope I don't and would like to be that old guy, in his 80's that opens up the garage and Maxms is still there and what a conversation started that will be.


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Mar 26, 2020
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Another nice mostly standard looking bike.

I see red bolts on the front brake calliper, I hope those are Ti and not aluminium alloy....?