Metal VMax sign for my Garagemahal

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May 31, 2020
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Ada, Oklahoma
Hey folks. I have a small shop for fixing stuff. Besides my stuff and my VMax, I do work on other folks cars who can't afford it for free because I was a mechanic for some years and am an old guy. My Garagemahal (Pop's Garage) has a lift and various license plates and signs on the wall, plus an air compressor and a vacuum system for Grandpa Steve's Sawshop next door (I also repair wood items and build new ones). I have looked around the net but haven't been able to find a nice metal VMax sign to hang on the wall. Any help? Sorry for the fuzzy pix. All I have right now and too lazy to go take some more.Garagemahal 1.JPG Garagemahal 2.JPG