1st Gen V-Max One-Owner ‘86 (Well, not anymore)

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Mar 14, 2010
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Chandler, Arizona
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Although I currently have my 7th Gen 1 in the garage, this '86 gets the love. (This one is #4). Picked it up not even two years ago. It was a one owner bike, but had been sitting for about 10 years. 100% original. Although I thought about leaving it that way, that thought didn’t last long.

For the most part, I like changes that are subtle. Although there are exceptions, for the most part, I don’t do bling just for the sake of bling. Cosmetics are OK and some of the things that I have done are purely cosmetic, but I enjoy doing things that improve the way the machine performs. I don’t think I’m done yet…

Look what I brought home!
- Most of the mods are detailed in here, including the Dale Walker hole shot system

- In fact, I’m not sure I have recent photos that capture everything.

- Speaking of bling, hijinks was selling a bunch of stuff and I grabbed a couple of items. Maybe if the temperature goes below 130, I might feel like pulling it out for a more up-to-date photo shoot.

Frame Braces

‘Busa Brakes
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