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May 8, 2014
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I'm getting ready to replace the rear wheel bearings on my 2006. I'be been reading the many previous threads of a few years ago and overall it seems pretty straight forward. I have the factory shop manual from Yamaha, and after reading one thread, I've gone ahead and purchased the Haynes manual. I think it will help with the order and assembly of the spacer, flange and bearings etc. into the rim.
I about to begin the project as bad weather rolls in to Ontario, Canada and have a couple of questions others out there might be able to answer.
I bought a blind bearing puller with numerous collettes, slide hammer and bridge puller. to remove the bearings. I'm pretty certain I can match up a socket and tap into place the rotor side bearing. To me the rotor side bearing has a more substantial outer race and probably will take the tapping better than the needle bearing. I'm kind of worried about distorting the outer race of the needle bearing on the drive side as I try to set it with the same technique of socket and hammer. Am I overthinking this? What have others used to set this needle bearing? Would the Motion Pro 08-0551 Bearing Driver set work ok? Or should I be looking to use a hydraulic press or a long forcing screw set up to squeeze from the opposite rotor side?