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Parts Wanted Red Airbox Cover, Frame Reinforcement bar, pillion back rest (Gen 1)

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Jul 31, 2021
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Hello, as the title states, I'm interested in a good deal on undented red faux gas tank covers, frame reinforcement bars, and passenger back rests for the gen 1 vmax. I'm sure some of you may have these laying around, and are willing to let go of them for less than you paid originally, right?
Granted, I just sunk $5k+ on my vmax, and my pay-days are 2 weeks apart; also these are partially vanity items... I'm willing to wait for a good deal for both parties. Let me know if you could do without some of this stuff, I want these things as luxury items, for the most part. The reinforcement bars would be used for mounting a scabbard for skeet shooting, the tank cover in case a friend lays down my irreplacable '05, and the back rest so I can be less cautious with a passenger.

If you need some cash quick and are willing to give me a steal, go ahead and text me at (417) 599-0958. Otherwise, I'll be checking this thread every couple of days and bump it as needed. Thank you for reading :)


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Apr 6, 2006
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Derby Kansas
I have the cover (but not in red), I have the frame braces, and I have a backrest. None of which are "steals" lol. The 05 tank cover cannot be replicated as the foil transfer sticker and process isn't readily available to the masses. You can easily get them painted with the candy red metallid which we've done very close before but just not the same and no flames.

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