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Mar 30, 2020
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Got this machine April 2020. With all the pandemic going on I figured I'd go for it ! Now or never.
I am second owner. Bought it from a younger guy that only put 2500 miles on it. It is in showroom condition.
Put new tires on and a small Puig wind deflector . Did an oil change and put on another 2500 miles last year.
This year I changed out the turn signal lenses to clear and added a pair of small Givi soft bags and a Fly Racing tail bag.
Removed rear seat so it sits lower. Also added Kaoko throttle assist , cushion grips and throttle tamer to try and mitigate the snappy throttle response.
I'm an older guy and have tried to smooth this beast out a bit.
Sorry, no photo . Matte Black .
This is a fantastic machine ! My neighbour thought so as well and bought a 2020 about two months after I brought mine home.
Go figure..

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