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Jun 17, 2020
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Martinsburg wv
Yes I'd say you want the key on if you want it to actually start. If you jump the cylonoid its gonna turn the motor over regardless as long as the starter its works correctly but if the switch is off it will turn over just won't actually start.


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Mar 26, 2020
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I need to read up about the vmax interlock but from discussion so far, it sounds like it works on similar principle.

The engine will start when side stand is down but I believe it cuts out when in gear and clutch is released to prevent the bike from being ridden with the stand down.

A dvm can be bought for less than the price of a 9v battery. I would recommend an auto ranging meter, saves fucking around with the range dial. If you are interested then I can post details of mine, probably cost less than a tenner from China naturally.

Anyway let's get back to your problem.
You can diagnose this with a 12v light bulb connected to 2 wires.

One wire to ground, other to positive of solenoid. If the light bulb does not light up when starter button is pressed, then the starter switch has failed or wire from it are broken. Or it could be ignition switch.

If lamp lights up, the maybe solenoid has failed so test input to it, next step.

Now connect lamp wire to input of solenoid, if it does not light, the lead from battery to solenoid has a problem. No power is reaching the solenoid.

Connect lead to output of solenoid. Press starter, of lamp fails to light up, solenoid is not closing = failed or contacts have failed. If lamp lights, then power is reaching the starter motor but motor is not working.

I'll bet the vmax service manual will have step by step flow chart as I described above.
update: yes it has, from page 7-7 onwards

Before you start, make sure the battery is in good condition and fully charged, cold weather will show up dying batteries manifesting itself in unable to turn an engine over. Also make sure the leads to the battery and starter solenoid are tightly connected and contacts clean.
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