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Dec 20, 2023
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Waterloo, Illinois
So went out this morning to go for a ride and this was going on….

Battery is on a tender when I’m not riding.

Any thoughts?


    18.1 MB
More info…..battery checks at 14.4 and is only taking like a 5.0 amp charge….doesn’t seem bad by the numbers to me….again 🤷‍♂️

After it was on the charger for a short time it did turn over more than it had been….not enough to fire tho…the charging continues 😀
Batteries in general. Sometimes a battery can hold a good surface charge and appear within spec on a voltmeter but will plummet under load. I usually chalk that up to a bunk cell and replace the battery which nearly always does the trick on bikes, in my experience.

What happens to the voltage when you try to kick it over?

edit: I just saw the video, this machine bears a striking resemblance to a gen1 I saw at the Dakota Dual Sports meet a few years back. Thats a great looking scoot.
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I went with an AGM on mine and it was happy, the bike was happy and I was happy.

If the old battery is dry then I might recommend checking running voltage after you get it together again. I've experienced dry and cooked batteries as a result of a defective voltage regulator sending too much zap to the battery. Probably your fine but 2 mins to throw a meter on to make sure it's within spec at all RPMs for peace of mind.
I’ll give that a go…..I bought this bike in January….I don’t think there was much “maintenance” done to this battery before I got it considering what you have to go thru to get to it.

Thanks again

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