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Steve Jasse Bike for sale

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Jun 15, 2008
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Pittsburgh, PA
Not sure if this has been posted here.
If you've been around the Vmax scene for awhile I'm sure you've heard his name.

93 Yamaha Vmax​

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Listed in DeLand, FL



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** OK people, you have only 1 day left to place your bid! Auction closes tomorrow (Nov 15th) at midnight. ** You have an opportunity to help out a legend in the Vmax community! And at the same time, a chance to win an icon, his Vmax! Steve Jasse is an Air Force Veteran, is currently battling cancer, and the medical bills that come along with that. Steve has well-established roots in the VMOA (VMax Owners Association); published the Vboost Magazine, and was one of the managers during Daytona Bikeweek and Daytona Biketoberfest at the World Famous Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond, Florida for several years. *UPDATE* "My diagnosis is: Stage 4 Lung Cancer which has metastasized into my Liver and into my pelvic bone and some lymph nodes. There is a 2.4 inch tumor in my left lung which is wrapped around my aorta and infiltrating into my left airway into the lung..." I have the opportunity to host a silent auction for Steve's iconic Vmax to help offset his mounting medical bills. This is a 1993 with 102000 miles. I have been riding it and it runs great! There is some damage to the gas tank (see picture) when Joe from Boxenstopp dropped it in his shop. This bike is loaded with aftermarket goodies! Extended swing arm & driveshaft (2") SportMax 4 into 1 “rebranded” ceramic coated Hindle Exhaust system which retains center stand (Dale Walker) ‘Extra’ 3 Gallon all aluminum gas tank Mounted above airbox LED brake light and turn signals 17" rear wheel by Kosman After market billet Rear Brake stabilizer bar Wider front wheel to accommodate a 130 Aftermarket front fender Superbrace fork brace Progressive fork springs Progressive rear shocks All Galfer SS braded lines Clutch and Brake (front & rear) Aftermarket scoops Aftermarket LED headlight Spotmax wider handlebar with Vibranator tuned Mass damper bar inserts Yamaha Sissy bar and backrest Custom Corbin seat Sportmax frame brace chrome engine guards aluminum radiator side covers Adjustable Steering damper (Dale Walker) Extra-large wind screen Soft Sided Cortech saddlebags Delran solid motor mounts (front only) Cell phone holder Handlebar Clock After market Clutch & Brake master cylinders Nology Hot Wires w/non resistor spark plugs Custom ‘Wrap’ on all ‘skins Venture rear Pumpkin (Sportmax) Custom chrome cylinder side caps SS Radiator side caps Extra-large Horn (loud) Custom Accent led system throughout bike (Changes colors and sequences) Odyssey AGM Sealed Battery The “Furbur Fix” to the steering head bearings K & N air filter Custom Cruise Control Throttle Lock SS bolts and screws throughout bike Steve's bronzed baby shoe kickstand Submit your your most generous bid through IM directly to me. The auction will run until November 15th, and there will be a reserve. The winner will be announced on Thanksgiving. Please keep Steve in your thoughts, and prayers. If you don't want to buy his Vmax, but would still like to bless him, you can send him a gift by going to his PayPal account [email protected] Steve created a GoFundMe. https://gofund.me/70d5f221

DeLand, FL
Location is approximate


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