Tail tidy/fender delete

Discussion in 'General VMax Questions' started by rebeltaz83, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Yeah I was looking at how wide the Vmax mounting is compared to some other bikes. They appear narrower and not much material to re-drill holes to fit the max. But it's hard to compare with pictures, I'd rather spend $60 on something I know will fit, than spend $30 on something that "may fit" to find out it won't fit, and then pay shipping to return it, or try to sell it, or just totally eff it up trying to make it fit, to find out it still won't fit, and now it's just trash because it isn't what it was before lol........... That's a mouthful, almost like smelling a smell, that smelt like that smell smelled?? But I heard that R1 turn signal covers will work with a little tweaking, so if you want smoked turn signal lenses. You just need a Dremel if memory serves me correctly to get the bulb to fit in the hole.... Man I wish the star forum was still up :(:(
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