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Steven May

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Apr 28, 2019
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Val Verde, Texas
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Bought it 2 years ago, from a guy just out of prison, so it had set for years in a garage. He said all it needed was a clutch (haha). Turns out it had the clutch setup of the cruiser version (Venture?)so I replaced the Plates and replaced the 1/2 plate with a full one and put new springs in it. After that sent the carbs to Dannymax for a rebuild and took the tank out to be cleaned and lined. It had a salvage title on it when I bought it, and I'm told that's pretty common with these bikes. The odometer said 11,500 when I bought it...Now about 14,000. It had some old Kerker slip-ons when I got it, but they were put on badly and kinda beat up, so I put the stock pipes back on...just got some Kerker cans from Ebay, interested how nasty it will sound. LOVE this bike! Still needs the seat recovered, and the fake tank painted...but I'm proud to have it.


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