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Mar 28, 2019
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I have a 1997 VMX1200JC. This will be the second year I have owned it. It's got about 63,000 miles on it.

I noticed two odd things since I've owned this bike regarding the coolant system.

1. Upon startup, the temperature gauge needle does not move as the engine warms up. When the engine is warm, I can "fix" the temperature gauge by tapping it. That'll get the needle to move.
2. On a hot day in traffic, sometimes the engine stalls if I'm not moving.

These symptoms made me wonder if the thermo unit (part #11H-83591-00-00) and thermo switch (part #3LN-83560-01-00) were bad.

I removed both from the coolant manifold and tested each per the procedure in the Claymer manual (pages 344-345) (ISBN-13: 978-1-59969-650-8).

I discovered the thermo unit was bad. The resistance was greater than the specifications listed in Table 2. I ordered a new one.

I was unable to determine if the thermo switch was bad. I could not get the coolant hot enough to test the continuity of the switch (221 degrees F).

So, I reasoned if the thermo unit was bad, there may be a chance the thermo switch is bad as well.

So, I ordered a new one.

Partzilla.com charged $104 for both. Shipping and taxes included.

Now I'm waiting for the parts to come.

Has anyone else gone through this? Do these thermal sensors go bad with age?