Update: Mountain Home, AR Ride / Rally 10-2, 10-3

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May 24, 2009
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Denison, TX
UPDATE: V-Max/VMAX fall Mountain Home Ride/Rally is just around the corner. Less than a week now. I spoke with Quality Inn today trying to clear up a few loose ends. They are providing a "coronafied" breakfast now. Usual drinks, cereals, pastries and individually wrapped sandwiches and fruits and such. Should be plenty to "git ur motor runnin". Weather seems to a good outlook with cool mornings and afternoons in the 70's. There are few rooms in my name still and some that are just not showing as part of our group or art all.
Ken Schmidt
Nick Peffer
Sam Cintron
Rick Rash
David Broadway
. Please get in touch with Quality Inn (870-424-900) or myself (214-403-0107) and make sure you are getting the best rate and have a room in our block. If you know someone that wants to come "hang a knee" with us or somehow missed the multiple posted invites, round them up and get them on the right track.
I'm as ready as I can get. Good tires, bikes running ok, still on aftermarket fuel pump as factory hoses seems to be back ordered from hell, but I'm bringing most of my shop with us..... lol My back has been giving me trouble but I'm nursing it as best as I and the chiropractor can.
Getting excited. Getting close. ready to see and catch up with everybody. Literally. Get out front and I'll see if I can catch up!
Call or touch base if I can help:
Clay Banker

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