Voo Doo exhaust and jetting requirements?

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Jul 9, 2024
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Cabot Arkansas
Anyone know anything about the Voo Doo exhaust? Is jetting required?

I just picked up a 2006 and it had this exhaust on it, was told it was rejetted for it as well.

I was able to move the needle position to clean up a rich tip in condition. Only thing to clean up is off idle to 3000 or so at very light load (maybe this is normal to be a touch rough almost like a light lope). In that rpm range, with more load it is fine. Wide open is great.

Have verified carb sync and verified low speed mixture settings.

Thanks in advance for any info!



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Also, from researching and reading on here, it appears as if at least the needles in my carbs are the factory pros.
Jetting is not required but it sounds like someone has already been in there.
Unless you have a Canadian or Euro bike they did not come with adjustable needles.
The previous owner said it had been been jetted. I have not verified mains, I have verified the PaJ2 is still 170. Had the factory pro needles in it. I actually had to drop them from where they had them, had a big time rich stumble going into wot.IMG_3618.jpeg

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