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winter project

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Mar 1, 2009
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I have a 2009 vmax with around 22000 miles om it.The bike itself is in real nice condition problem is i installed a supercharger at the end of September last year and decided to do the Land speed trials in July this year to see what it would do. Well low and behold the injectors and possibly the fuel pump are to small for the blower kit i burnt #3 piston and scored the cylinder.I ended up buying a 2014 in August.I just didn't think i would get my engine back until about november. The season so short up here in Limestone Maine i had to do something so i bought the 14.So the 09 would make a great winter project for someone and know its a great bike with alot of life still in it.I am asking $5900.00 or best offer. I will throw in the boulevard windshield and D&D exhaust.Also the left hand scoop has a few scratches in it the original owner of the 14 had the bike fall over when he was washing it i also sold the backrest.


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