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Just wanted to let you know there is a Vmax rally in Mountain home North. This is where we are staying. Quality Inn Mountain Home, AR Rally October 1st. Riding the 2nd and 3rd. Leaving on the 4th. Its posted on the Vmax houston page, and just saw this today.
Thanks for the info. Sorry to say we'll be in St. Louis that weekend visiting ours kids. Maybe catch it next time!
Hi Sean,I had you do a Morley muscle seat for me years ago.just wondering can you modify or create a new passenger seat out of softer material.my 110lb wife doesnt even put a wrinkle in the stock cinder block pad.
Hi ! Maxer's I'm new here I've been on two wheels since 87 , mostly Yamaha now I have 07 vmx12 29000 kms any maintenance advice feel free drop by .
Hi Danny,
I disassembled the carbs with my mechanic (Vmax 94 Canada model.)
I changed gaskets, o rings air cut valves, diaphragms ok cleaned them and ultrasonic bath on the body and jets.
When i got to thw a/f screws.. Fuck.. They cannot be removed. The screw heads are damagwd and seems that the bronze stuck on aluminum body.
Give me a tip to remove them.
Did you run them thru the ultrasonic bath before checking the mixture screws?
I'm sorry, there is no 'tip' that will help you with this.The stripped screws need to be drilled out and the threads chased. This is a tricky process. I was a machinist and have a procedure with the proper tooling which works well. I charge $30/screw + shipping which includes the replacement screw, spring, washer & o-ring.
Sean hello.. I have done a carb cleanup. Thw bike 1994 model was running rich. I tried to change the a/f screws with new OEMs and fuck... The 3 of them have bad head, ruined, and are stuck, really stuck. We ve tried with my mechanic everything. Doesnt get loose.
Please HELP. GIVE ME A SOLUTION how to remove them.
Is the only bad thing on my carbs and i cannot tune the bike.
hi Neal
interested in the body panel set for the gen 2.
what else do you have that you are selling.
Would you happen to have a light switch/turn signal assy, and throttle cable/eng. switch assy for a 1992 VMax laying around? Mine are severely corroded from sitting many years in the garage near a charging l/mower battery. They work perfect, but you can barely read them. Or, any suggestions?
I've also ordered a foot/heel shifter from you a week ago?
Thank you VERY much.
Steve Bartus
Sure. Email me at one2dmax@aol.com with your wish list!
Its 1:10 am i just got home I was out riding with Todd customized creationz he is all M109 with a 260 Tire a son was on a Suzuki Bandit all tricked out we had a lot of fun we rode all over the thumb area and then went out to Woodward and hung out cruising around quite a few triple-digit runs I'ma straight away roads in the thumb
5 grandsons; 5 bikes. Sounds about right. 2019 VMAX; 2006 CVO Fatboy; 2006 BIG DOG Chopper; 2000 BIG DOG Bulldog; 2003 Valkyrie
Whats up Mike. Where you located at in MI. Im from nwo...bowling green. Ill come out and ride with you guys. Just let me know when.
Hey whats up...im in nwo. I just joined this site a few days ago. I live in a small town called Bradner. Between bowling green and Fremont. I was just over to Nelson's ledges the other weekend. Maybe we can meet up some weekend.