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  1. 1

    Oil Additives

    Is there a motor oil additive out there that is clutch safe for the Vmax that I might be able to use as a last ditch effort to see if I can either free up or smoth over my slight knocking that only comes in after its running hot. I think it's a possible rod bering or ballance shaft can hear it...
  2. RobCar

    Fuel Additives? Do You?

    Just wondering if any of you guys are using any of these additives to combat the ethanol problem. If so, Which one and do you add it to your max at every fill up. I want to start using it this year but not sure which one would be the best for the vmax. Thanks
  3. G

    Carb Cleaner Additives?

    I am just starting to get into my own maintenance on the MAX, oil/filter , then Brakes. Then I will tackle the carbs....shotgun, sync etc. In the mean time, is it of any benefit to run any of those Gas additives. I looked for "seafoam"but no one seems to carry it in this part of the world...
  4. firefly

    limited slip differential oil additives for slipping clutch

    We maxers tend to stay away from oil additives fearing that the clutch will slip but products made for limited slip differentials are made to prevent clutch slipping since these kinds of differentials have clutch plates in them. I thought this might be a useful thing to try if clutch slipping is...