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Sean, I sent an email to you, and a conversation but your box came up as a no delivery. Ready to buy some parts........6787703748 tel.
Trying to find full carb rubbers
I got mine a few months back from Fowlers in Bristol. Peter Robertson (or Stuart) from Robertson's Motorcycles in Glasgow can be good for sourcing odball parts.
Thanks will try them you wouldn't have a number for any of them cheers are the manifold to carb and the carb to airbox the same havent checked yet lol
Peter 07702654318 he will give you Stuarts number if he is not in.
The top and bottom are different.
Where I mostly found the problems was the lower carburettor rubbers right behind the clamps, also as the engine would heat up the situation got worse due to the rubber softening and letting in more air.
All the rubbers below the carburettor were gone. Above the carburettor were okay.