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Mike, Send me an email @ [email protected] and let me know what you are looking for, etc. Already working on a few things that might work out together. If you want shoot me your # and let me know when to call.
(408)828-6809. Anytime Tue-Sat 10:00am-6:00pm Pacific.
Looking forward to talking with you.
Who are you and where do you get off with such a comment? You obviously don’t know me, or anything about me. Are you serious?
mngforce, that dude (DV4) is an uninteresting troll. if ya feed the bears, they keep comin back and spread garbage everywhere.
If bad grammar and spelling irritates you don't read my post. I'm a marine vet that was a helicopter flight line mech and now I'm a electrical tech so other than my writing disability's I have a lot offer in return.
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THere's a few grammar police out there don't let them discourage you at all . Not all of us wanted the extra egdebacation....
tyler hicks
Thanks marsmax I appreciate that. Wow I see you have been a member since 2013 thats awesome. And recommended reads on this forum? I just finished the newb thread that covers a few FAQ defiantly good information coming from very Knowledgeable people .
Tyler I've ruined my eyes reading on this forum like a crack monkey that just found a lifetime of crack ...search function is a great tool for when you need question answered or just asked for help ..
SO I'm looking for advice on what to check especially common issues. Ideas on simple affordable modifications and even ideas on a theme like café racer or anything really. hopefully this is the kind of thing y'all like to help with. I have done this kind of thing before and I'm super excided. now I'm off to take some picks.
Its A 1985 and its gold colored. so far on inspection the wiring harness is cut modified and melted all over the place. ordering one on eBay now. clutch sight gage blown out, seat toasted tires rotted most all electrical is not good. everything else seams to be decent other than that.