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  1. U

    want to buy a set of rims -which brands available ?

    Hello all I want to buy a set of rims to my vmax -which brands available (in the USA)? I am thinking about: Front – 17” for tire 120/70 – I think it’s a 3.5” rim Rear rim (I am planning to buy sean morlys 3” extended swingarm) so I can go to 190 . so I am thinking about 6” (+\-) rims… did...
  2. firefly

    Any preferance in DOT 3-4 brands for brakes?

    I've been using Velvoline synthetic formula ABS on it, I usually flush the brakes and clutch ~ every 6 months ( for my severe street usage). Any better brands ? or preference? Thanks ________ roor bongs