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  1. T

    about to pull hair out

    i am new to the vmax and purchased one with a starter clutch problem and stripped down to resemble a bobber(kinda). where i am at now: fly wheel wont come off. i started with an internal puller and it just stripped the threads off of the bolts so i tried to switch to grade 8 bolts. first i had...
  2. G

    please help - im going to pull my hair out

    I need help on a carb. issue bad, please help !! here is the senario, I have an 88 vmax, Ii have never seen carburetors do this before, the float seems to be getting stuck in the carbs with in an hour of riding it , virtually every time. I have completely cleaned out the carbs, used sea foam and...
  3. Redux

    Was it the "hair"?

    This is just a funny picture I made awhile back. I figured I'd post it here :ohyeah00: . The Mohawk is too funny to wear. I've only actually ridden with it a couple times. It nearly causes the cage drivers to wreck. I may have to break it outta storage for at least one outting on the Max. Maybe...