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  1. D

    Next logical step???

    Well I got the new relay in today and plugged it in cranked the bike up and still have no tach. and no power to the fuel pump when the bike is running. When I first turn the key on the fuel pump will run for the designated 5 seconds and shut off but once the bike is running I have no power to...
  2. firefly

    How to go about handling mods in a logical way.

    The vmax is a top heavy bike made for straight riding & high speed riding, but the bike is not good at either with the stock setup so we quickly realize that the bike needs to be modified to handle better in the real world riding ( all riding situations, street, freeways and canyons.) It is...
  3. firefly

    May I suggest a way to organize tech in a logical order

    May I sugest a way to organize tech in a logical order If we have all systems of the bike like in the service manual a person can find what they are looking for quickly all in one place, a subcategory of common problems and common fixes for each system. for example: 1- A section of the most...