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  1. Kronx

    One step closer to Terminator being a reality...

    Google is handling the Skynet tech side... and now we got this. Pretty cool actually. ‘Terminator’ polymer can spontaneously self-heal in just two hours. http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/166656-terminator-polymer-can-spontaneously-self-heal-in-just-two-hours
  2. M

    Reality check

  3. gleno

    Aerodynamics and (non) Reality -> is now Fight Night

    Did anybody read this BS from today's newsfeed? It's got to be the sloppiest piece of thinking I've read in long while. "Aerodynamics and Reality By Dirck Edge I think I am now convinced that a prone position on a sportbike has nothing to do with going fast on the street. It is true that...
  4. firefly

    the B-king is now a reality

    Suzuki B-king 1300cc fuel injection and lots of torque! also take a look at this ducati ________ TW200