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  • That's a good lokin V-max. Are the radiator covers the stock ones with the reflectors and trim removed and filled or are these aftermarket?
    Hey man. Got a question for you. I'm looking into a "naked bike" and have narrowed it down to the sv1000s and the z1000. Not the new z, but one from 03. The sv is from 05. I know you have an sv and love it right? Penny for your thoughts. Thanks!
    No I didn't think you called me a liar and I guess I would have said the same thing after seeing how much the bikes are the same. It just sucks after all the time and money I spent on this thing everyone thinks it's someone else's. Maybe it's time to sell it and start a new project. Ed
    Heya Chris, can we get Mark's Performance Pipes phone number, (760) 948-1346, added to the VMF Links ad? Thanks, Brian
    where should I look for info/experience about what I should say to the insurance adjuster about replacing/fix/totaling my 2000 vmax that I got in an accident yesterday with ..?
    не совсем понял,что нужно?повесить фотографию мотоцикла?немного позже :)у меня мотоцикл 92 года,стандартный,красный.я не первый из России-меня сюда знакомый направил :) если что интересно-можно стукнуть в аську-№ 296564712(там я на фото,правдабез мотоцикла ) с удовольствием отвечу :)
    с уважением,шульц.
    прошу прощения за повторения-не совсем разобрался ,как работет форум-я плохо понимаю английский,а переводчик работает не совсем корректно :) извините :)
    not quite sure what to? hang photograph motorcycle? a little later:) I have a motorcycle 92 years, standard, krasnyy.ya not the first from Russia, an acquaintance sent me here:) if that is interesting-you can knock in ICQ-№ 296564712 (there I in the photo, pravdabez motorcycle) is pleased to answer you:)
    Sincerely, Schultz.
    I apologize for repeating, not quite figure out how rabotet forum, I do not understand English and the translator does not work quite correctly:) sorry:)
    Was wondering what your handle bar setup was? looking to change mine around and have heard many pro's and cons. I got an 07 and I like the looks of your in black. Any help would be great.
    damn.. i'll ask around here on the buy/sell and if that fails i'll talk to dale.... thanks anyways man!
    Hey, wondering what turns you have. I want something different for my 06 that will match the matte black. l8tr
    Hey, talked to you some months back about exhaust and such... The bike is getting morley's kit, ufo 4-2, (I know your feelings on that, but can't go can type 4-1) chrome scoops and batt cover from morley, and custom paint! I am heading to Wisconsin first nice friday in may, and wanted to know if you had plans for a ride in may. Either send me an e-mail, or call me at 309-371-3567. Either way I will be at sturgis on the river this summer, or could meet you at ducky's in andalusia some bike nite.
    I also wondered if you knew a guy by the name of Guy Cruzen from silvis. A flat tracker from way back, in his 60's, and still riding a max after battling cancer, and I'm talking him into going to sturgis on the river this year.
    My e-mail is [email protected]
    I ordered the same taillight that you have for my 05, was wondering if you had any insatll tips for it, or if the directions that came with it are dummy proof, thanks.
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