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  • I would like to order a COP Conversion Kit, I live in Canada. Please contact me - 780-239-2383. Thanks, Micheal.
    Hey Gannon, I'm a new member with an 89 Max. Pretty stock mechanically, just some cosmetic stuff I did myself.
    I read the COP system posts with great interest. I do not have a garage, or way to store it out of the weather, except a bike cover, so I am at the mercy of mother nature. I am having an issue where, every time it rains, my max starts hard, runs uneven, or won't start at all until it dries out. Ordinarily, it runs like a top, no issues or complaints. I am not very mechanical, but I suspect cracked plug wires, boots, or coils. Do you think a COP system would remedy this?
    hello I am Paul I am a fellow vamx rider from the UK !!! I was after a bit of your know how I have a 1986 max and I wanted to put the cop's mod on the bike would I need to use resistors on the bike if so what ohm reading would they have to be Cheers !!!!!
    Bought a set of COPs off off you a while ago. One of the resisters over heated and melted the wiring pretty good. I need a new resister or a new harness minus the Coil plug. I can pay thru PAYPAL if needed. Please let me know. Or...what is the resister specs and I could maybe find one local.

    [email protected]
    Hey Gannon, hows it goin man? Today I got my top end back to gether, Ill start it up again tomorrow. Just when I was leaving the diode showed up, looking forward to plugging it in to complete my electrics issues. Ill let ya know how ot goes.
    Hey 88, Im a new member, my name is Gent. I sent you a message but I did it on a link to this forum from another site. If that sounds confusing you haven't seen my ignition problems. I did see your COP set-up and would like a set for my 85. Could you please call me @720-327-5902 Thnx
    Hi. I'm interested in obtaining one of your coils over plugs kits. I dont know anything about what this product is, but I've read on the forums that this kit will correct issues with high temp starts and stalls at idle with a warm engine. Can you give me details regarding this product (what it is, how is it installed and how much it is) and what type of payments you accept.

    Thank you
    [email protected]
    I have a 98 max what would need to do for the cop change, how much for the cop set up
    hey g i have an 85 vmax i was wondering if you had a set for my bike and how much to ship to clifton park ny ? thanks -mike
    I just received my COPs set, amazing quality! The COPs are as good as new, all the wiring is put together better than the Japs could do it, and as an added touch there is a T-boost adapter cable too. Awesome, second to none Thanks!!
    do you still have one set for me
    how much to send it to France (Asni?res 92600)
    I was curious about the rear rim on your bike. Is it factory or modified? If not, what kind of tire are you running?
    Gannon. I have the same question as VGAS21. If so,I'd also like to buy a set of your COP harnesses. Thanks for your time.
    Gannon, Are you still making up COP wire harnesses? if so will it work with my Dyna 3000 ignition box?
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