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  • I use a 3rd party photo host website. In this Photobucket. Post your pics there (or equivalent) and copy/paste the link in the forum thread response window.
    Thanks for the info but I think NY is a bit much to go. I will check the link and call them . I'm new to the forum I'm lucky I contacted you if you could is there anyway I could put a picture of the fuel tank cover up for everyone to see . The bike has 2 hand painted wolf heads on it and maybe someone can connect me with the prior owner who actually did the work. Just a thought I bought thru E-Bay from Fla. about 10 yrs ago. Butch
    Hi there I have a 98 V-Max . I took it to a Yamaha dealer who not only didn't fix the problem but now it runs worse.
    The bike is not stoke and it was all done prior to me buying it. I was told buy the prior owner it has different cams , pistons , air intake system as the vboost has been removed . It has different headers w/holeshot muffler. The problem is it's difficult to drive as it doesn't like anything below 3 grand and it needs to be down shifted constantly . This only came about after the dealer tuned it .unable find the prior owner to ask but I think the valves are not set correctly causing the problem. I have been told it has a stage 7 system ??? it does have torque bars on the frame so i tend to think a lot of work has been done to it.
    I was hoping you may be able to assist in my problem or tell me were I can take it to have someone who knows about super tuned VMax bikes . Anywere in Southern Maine , Boston , or Worchester areas. Thanks Butch
    Wow, I was just checkin out your garage pics..awesome. I envy you. :)
    My garage is going away when the house sells.
    Hi there, just wanted to ask you a few question about this 2001 Max I am planning to buy. would you be free for a chat?
    sorry to bother u but how do u post a question on this forum
    Mike, I will get the coils ordered asap,other stuff already is! The ride will be hit or miss for me , but please do call. I have a frame repair job this weekend.
    Mike prolly more like 70 30 I need to tweak the EFI ,bikes running way fat.if i can get it right Im in
    I tested the vid, it should work now. I used a powershot camera that I borrowed, but I went to Wallyworld and picked up a nice samsung for $120. It works excellent. Lowering it to 15fps @ 350res I get almost 2 hours of vid on a 2gb card. or 36min at 640res 30fps.
    I posted more pictures under the what did you do today... thread.
    Mike,I just finished a small piece for Danny max ,I was hopping I could get it to you so that you could bring it to work with you then dan could pic it up from you,think thats doable?let me know and Ill take a ride to your place and drop it off, thanks .

    whats up mike ,how goes the battle?
    are you in on that easteners ride sat? and if you are, mind a shadow?or two.

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