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    hey, getting in touch with ya as requested, wavelengthcollectibles from ebay.

    i dont use forums much at all, but i'll try to keep abreast of news at least on ebay. if ya need me, i can get your messages from there.
    My vboost has the safety switch so I can turn on the boost or have it off but for some reason it does not seem to turn on anymore. I'm curious to where the safety switch box is usually mounted in bikes since I didn't install it.
    I just got an 06 this spring and love it. I'm having small issues here and there and was wondering if I could send my questions your way?
    That would be nice if you visit with me, I have a spare bedroom and a xtra Vmax but without plates, but maybe we could work something out on the plates. I could pick you up in NO if we get our schedule in sync..........let me know or call 985-516-9779 or text me.
    Hey, I crew change out of Morgan City. Occasionally I go to N.O....we will have to see about getting together for a ride if you want to.
    My dentest took me up in something like the Cessna172.We flew out of O'side to Catalina for lunch.About 30miles.I think we were a 100ft above the water the hole way.Terribly noisey aircraft.
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