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Bill Kratzenberg

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    Hi Bill
    Just would like to know where you got the brackets to mount your vrod headlight. I'm in South-Africa and have the vrod headlight, but searching ebay and all over for brackets like that, but struggling to find a pair.
    Can you maybe help.
    Thanx, Pieter
    I might be interested in that exhaust.. still don't have that much cash. My son just graduated and I am in the process of retiring from the Army.. I might have it by Aug...
    3 months ago I ended up purchasing a stock '06 with 3100 Kms. I had not ridden in 20 odd years and was advised against a powerful/heavy machine. My Max has become a center point of my life and after doing many hours of research your VMax has caught my attention. I'm in for some work and my MEC asked me what direction I'd like my machine to go in, so I sent him a picture of your Beast that I found before I joined this site.
    Hey Bill, I am not sure how many riders are coming, but 4 so far. You are a bit of a ways from me in Frederick, MD....A few hours ride perhaps, but thats all up to you if you want to come down.
    Hi, your bike looks fantastic. I'm fitting a V rod headlamp to mine, but struggling with mountings, what brackets did you use on yours? Kind regards, David
    Hey bill. What did your Mario mirrors cost? I emailed him but no reply so far.
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