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Bill Seward

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  • Hello Bill, I lived in Buffalo area up until 7 years ago. Saw you were an older Gent like me. Was hoping I wasn't going to be too old, to buy another VMax. Just thought I'd say Hi. John Rumschik
    Had wire short out on frame from stator. Shorty out battery put on new battery now turns over fine but not fire to plugs ? Thanks Brentmaxs
    I forgot to tell you, did you notice I change my avatar from the Vmax ring to one that I designed. After thinking about it I was told probably six or seven times by different people over the other forum that I don't deserve that avatar. I thought if I kept I just
    irritate the five or six people from the other forum who said I didn't deserve to have that avatar. I just picked it because I like the look of it and nobody else had it.

    I'm not a ring person I don't even like to wear rings I never I've never worn my wedding band. But in the end I think those who were offended of me using as my avatar now have nothing to bitch about.

    life is good.
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