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Bill Seward
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Jan 19, 2019 at 6:05 PM
Mar 24, 2007
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Apr 18, 1950 (Age: 68)
Holland NY
Im retired, dammit!

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Bill Seward

Well-Known Member, 68, from Holland NY

Bill Seward was last seen:
Jan 19, 2019 at 6:05 PM
    1. Iron Sheik
    2. brentmax
      Had wire short out on frame from stator. Shorty out battery put on new battery now turns over fine but not fire to plugs ? Thanks Brentmaxs
    3. EAGLEPI
      I forgot to tell you, did you notice I change my avatar from the Vmax ring to one that I designed. After thinking about it I was told probably six or seven times by different people over the other forum that I don't deserve that avatar. I thought if I kept I just
      irritate the five or six people from the other forum who said I didn't deserve to have that avatar. I just picked it because I like the look of it and nobody else had it.

      I'm not a ring person I don't even like to wear rings I never I've never worn my wedding band. But in the end I think those who were offended of me using as my avatar now have nothing to bitch about.

      life is good.
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    Apr 18, 1950 (Age: 68)
    Holland NY
    Im retired, dammit!
    My VMax:
    1985 Red - the fast color
    My other bikes:
    2002 Roadstar. Blue and slow..
    Bought the '85 new. 134,000+ miles!

    Motorcycles, computers


    1985, Red (The fast color).
    134,000+ miles. Bought new 4/18/85.
    COPS, SH775 Series Voltage Regulator, Corbin Seat,
    Progressive Fork Springs, and Rear Shocks.
    Delkevics, Black Cherry Paint,
    Drag Bars, Bar End Mirrors, Red Anodized Levers,
    LED Head, Tail, Signal & Brake Lights.
    I've never been into the motor. And I never got hauled out of a ditch.
    I've never seen the Oil Light, either.. I don't care.. I'M riding it RIGHT!!
    I grew old with this bike. Nothing left to prove.
    Its a keeper!
    1988 Schwinn World. Also Red.