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Buster Hymen
Mar 28, 2006
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Buster Hymen


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    1. ghostntheshell
      Hey there!
      I pick up my Vmax on Thursday night.
      Maybe sometime we can meet up somewhere or something and you could have a look at the bike and maybe know if it needs something that I may not really know.

      I'm out on the east border of Oshawa.

      Also - you may be able to tell me what mods are crucial - like braking - and handling issues my bike may or may not have.

      Anyway - talk at ya soon!
    2. RazoR333
      Hey Buster,..just wanted to drop a line and let you know whats up.
      I see the band have banded and formed their own
      I just wanted to reassure you,( not that it's warranted), that my allegiance is here among great peeps, great resources, and interesting times.
      I joined the site , wasn't sure what it was all about , but after reading a few posts it was apparent that's what it was .
      But , my interests and attentions , as well as the occasional donation , rest at your door step.
      Sides ,..only in Canader EH!,
      Keep it shiny side up,..bye for now.
    3. RoMax
      Hi, my name is Keith, i created a facebook group called 'V-Max Canada'. With this group i help members post and notify V-Max rides across Canada. Feel free to join the group and share your pics., videos or rides in your area weather they are coffee trips, or day trips. Keith
    4. 113s&s
      go bruins..
    5. Bill Seward
      Bill Seward
      It was a very classy thing to include a "in memory of" section on the Forum. Thanks.
      Now, lets hope and pray we never have to use it again!! I hope someone shows Herc's family what the VMax brotherhood thought of him.
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