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  • im looking for a fuel pump
    I have 1 left . I get $ 75 plus shipping for them. Thanks, Kyle
    i just bench tested it and it works. i need to figure out what the hell is going on. ive got voltage at ehe connector but no pump
    mi hanno consigliato di contattarti perche ho la necessità di aggiustare o sostirtuire la centralina della mia Vmax 1200 anno 1986
    puoi aiutarmi?
    Vito Russo
    hello , another member told me you might know of a shipping company that will check out a bike and pay the owner and ship it to me ??? If you do man that would be a godsend to me!
    Hi, I used to charge a fee for inspections & buy the bikes for over sea's customers & have them shipped. I really do not know of any shipping company's that will inspect & purchase them for you. If you have more questions or need some help it is best to email me. [email protected] Thanks, Kyle
    Kyle I have a truck-load of Gen 1 parts I am wanting to sell CHEAP, and I will deliver to you weekend of Sept 13th, going to Vmax rally at Deals and will be going thru Marysville.
    Tom Rouse 606 789 9213 [email protected] XXXMAX
    Hey Kyle,

    My name is Brooke I just joined this forum after buying my first Vmax. It's an 86 and I'm having some low voltage problems. I read on here you sell an oem fitting MOSFET r/r. Any chance I could buy one from you? My email is [email protected] or my number is 5704392002.

    how the heck do you post a for sale ad here? i cant find one button that lets you. thanks rick
    hey kyle hope all is well. if you know anyone looking i have some posts of some stock parts from my gen 2 im no longer a VMAX owner :( time to buy a harley
    Kyle I lost your phone number ... I need your help with a Vmax ... Lee 727 391 2995 ... please give me a call when you can ...
    Hi Kyle. My name is Scott. I've been talking to PatMax and he sent me your way. I'm here in Largo..... 15 min down the road and I have just acquired an 86' in need of some love starting with the right rear carb. pat has one but he sent to you first and i'm glad. I'd like to bring it over for you to look at and get a game plan on getting her right..... and then mods! You can message me here or [email protected] or 727-410-6749
    Look forward to hearing from you and meeting the " VMax master mechanic".

    Just checking on relay of any changed plans ? Need to arrange to have help taking cap off truck if needed . Thanks Jamie
    HI, I was wondering if you still sold MOSFET voltage regulators that fit the vmax without mods. I am about to replace the stator on a 1986 and I'd prefer to install a new style RR at the same time.

    if not, do you know if anyone else does. Sean Morely does not show them on his website.
    I have one I just took to the powder coater that I was going to sell. I don't think he has started on it yet.
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