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  • Hi there CopR,
    Im just getting into the Max Mod game and I noticed your cool looking rear LED set up. Did you put together that rig yourself or buy it as a unit??
    Also, the rear fender.. I'd like to shorten mine up as well as eventually fit up a 200+ tire.
    Any suggestions??
    Hope you are having a great summer,Hadnt said hey in a while thought it was time cant forget my friends.Wish you a great 4th.That damn hurricane didn't get get you..take care poppop.
    Wish you and yours a great christmas.Hope your liking florida.Thanks for being a friend.If you ever need anything .Please let me know.Terry
    CR: It's not often a fellow vmaxer moves to your area, so this has me pumped.

    I see you are looking for employment. I also work in the automotive field, and have many contacts in the business. If you need any help finding work, let me know as I may be able to help. Good techs are hard to find down here, and if you're good at what you do you should be able to earn top dollar at the right shop. The car business is alive and very well in south Florida. Good luck to you.

    Contact: My work # is 561-615-4895. I'm the Service Director at Braman Audi in WPB. Cell # is 772-233-0228. Give me a call when the dust settles and you're unpacked. I ride most Sunday mornings, sometimes with a group but mostly alone or with only one ot two other bikes. Have an extra vmax if you need it.

    Cruising north or south along A1A is a very scenic ride, lots of bikins to see and excellent places to eat along the way. Great ocean views too. Another great ride is out west towards Lake Okeechobee.
    Hey wild man looks like youre going to florida.Good luck with the move.Hope all goes well,Take care youre a good man.Tell lil cop runner i said hi.
    You gotta update your album pics with more of your bike, jacket, helmet spikes. And the new headlight upgrade.....
    Really like the belly pan on your max, very sharp! Mind telling where you bought it-cost? Thank you, Megadeth1.
    Hey Tim whats up..Just online checking out a few things and thought i'd drop you a line. You riding this coming up weekend? Was thining of doing the delaware water gap area if the weather is nice.
    HEY BUB!!!!!

    I added you as a friend......I do not know what adding you did.... but I did it...I are an eeediot wit tese computirs ya'know
    Dude, I just looked at your driving record for the first time. That's INSANE! How did you manage to get caught that often? Were they stalking you or something? GEEEZ!
    I like the led taillights, where did u get them? that is what i've been lookin for, I have a 85 max.
    Thanks for the complement on the tires,but unfortunately those dunlops arent very good tires...think Im gonna get a set of shinkos, seems like alot of folks here are riding on them.
    how things going on the east coast? all well is here, a little cold and snowy, but all is well :)
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