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  • Desert_max, there is an 85 at the Copart auto auction in Phoenix. Fire damage. At $35 bucks and high bid gets it. Easy to sign in and just look at ad. If it ourple, I’d like the back fender.
    Hey Desert_Max, I just moved to Phoenix 2 1/2 years ago. I just got a Max last weekend. I used to have a 2001 but now I have a 2003 (blue.) It's been a while since I rode with other Vmaxers. I used to hang With Jerry from VMAXOUTLAW. He is travelling right now and not expected to be back until Oct. So I was wondering if you are part of a group, or know of a group in the area willing to let me tag along in a month or so when I get the carbs de-gummed.

    Hi Not sure if you got my message or not but want the grab bar unfinished if u still have it. Just need info on how to pay and shipping as I am new to this. I do have paypal. Just let me know
    nice bike. i sold my 94 max in tucson,az. in late 2000. that color is redish cocktail yellow - awsome...
    I got the tail light from here http://www.exactrep.com/site.html Oval tail light, I think its called. I replaced the bulbs with LED's shorly after. Very bright. It comes with a bracket for the tag as well but I left that off. It will show it attached to a fender but you can email them and ask for just the lights, how ever I bought the short fender at the same time and you might have to figure out how to mount it on the stock one since its missing the flat vertacal plastic tab.
    take care.
    Just a quick note to confim arrival of the body work. I commend you on your packing work. I could not have done any better. Also very pleased with the condition! Tas might be too nice to paint over! Again, my sincerest of thanks. Patmax
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