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  • I am at myrtle beach. My dad called and said the check came in mail 2day. I have a new I phone , and have not transferred all # yet is why I did not call to let ya know. I get back Sunday , rims 2 be shipped Monday. Call me if u like it same #.
    Hey Man! What did you use to remove the coating on the side covers? How was the rest of your trip?
    Hey, can I ask where you got the wire covering that attaches to you middle gear cover? I have been looking for some time now and no luck
    I'm thinking about Americade this year. I'm going to start putting the bug in everybody's ear early.I'll start a thread about it in a while. It can be a great time if we get a good group of us from the Forum to go. I sent you a pm.
    Buffalo, eh? I'm in Watertown, so won't be painting or riding in a bit as you know. I'll get some of the Eastwoods in a heartbeat if you think it's good stuff. Appreciate it!
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