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  • Hi, Did you ever find a Gen 2 V Max ?? Saw your post! It's an old one, but thought I'd give it a shot !!
    What these guys are doing to you seems totally unfair. Ignore them, and they will stop. As I said before, in my book you're a good person, and I hate to see good people messed with just so some troll can get his jollies. Yes, I do have your back, and if this shit keeps up, I'll have to do a DMAN999 job on them. Nothing like the smell of troll baiting in the morning.

    By the way, my wife found out about the filth Dennnis posted about her as a lame excuse for what he did.. (I had the post deleted, so you may not have read it, but it was a doozy!~)
    She will have him educated, and not by me. My time comes if there's anything left of him after she gets done with him!
    Hang in there Brother. This World and most of it's inhabitants SUCK. Some of us see and understand the greater picture. We are the real hope for a better society. F the rest, life is too short for all the crap some bring with them.
    I sent you a pm thru the starvmax forum but their pming sucks I have set of engine sliders from satosracing part number y-max09es-bk There the ones that sit close to the water cover and stator cover . I have clear covers so they won't work with my set up New 200 plus ship I can let go 175 shipped in the us .. Jamie
    I have been looking into this issue you have had with joining the VMOA and it wanting to charge you $40.00. When you filled out the application online for the VMOA on the part were it ask country did you leave it as USA or did you do the drop down window and click on United States? I think this may be the problem. It needs to be left as USA. I filled out a application today as a new member and it went threw fine and it stated the fee was $30.00. If you would like to try it again and please let me know if it worked for you.

    Kelvin Lane
    VMOA President
    My name is Kelvin Lane President of the VMOA. Jay Sutherland called me last week and ask me about contacting you to help you join the VMOA. I'm sorry but I thought my wife had sent you a e-mail the other night and I just found out she didn't after I saw your post here. I'm sorry about the trouble you had with the VMOA website. We are currently working with Gary that runs this site to redue and become the new webmaster for the VMOA site since our current webmaster quit. I hope this kind of helps explains things. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kelvin LAne
    VMOA Prident
    [email protected]
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