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  • the rear is a front caliper off a yzf600 and yes the swing arm is stock. the bike is a 91. it has been completely gone through
    Sorry man , just saw the message. Yea Im running a kerker 4 to 1 and stock, stock, stock everything else, a little rich but never ran better. PM me and Ill tell ya what all Iv UNDID to get a great running machine at 5280.
    Kinda pissed, Richmond's Quaker Steak and Lube closed. So no more bike nights on Wed in the summer...
    What's up James. Thought I'd check out yer page. I haven't spent much time on the site for the last couple of years. I should look up some of the folks on my friends list. Again, if yer heading out to the track tomorrow give me a buzz. I like them ol' cars. Should be areal nice day. Until then...take care.
    Thanks , its a first year 85. I am running stock jetting with an old kerker 4 into 1 with an old glass pack tip. My bike runs and sounds excellent. I have undone all the jetting tips and tricks and am having no problems, its got high idle when cold with the choke on and quickly warms up to a sic sounding machine. I had Paul Civitello of MadMax Racing go through the carbs and get them back to RITE. Best money spent! Im about to post new pics of the belly pan and some other upgrades I'v done to feed the mod monkey.
    Hey egohead, your post to me about rolling thunder wasnt me there with you. Big VMOA vmax event June 26-29 at Thunder in the Valley. Over 50+ vmax riders come annually to this event. Check out the VMOA site for more info: www.vmoa.net
    Hey there eggohead,
    Good to hear from another local V-maxer. Unfortunately I am just starting the process of moving. I'll still be in the Norfolk area, but the move is gonna kill the weekend rides for a couple of months. Let's keep in touch though and I'll look you up if I'm heading to the Richmond area.

    Thanks for contacting me!
    Thinking of riding next Saturday(26th) back down towards Yorktown. Gonna take GPS this time and explore a little more...
    Hey I am thinking about going to Thunder in the Valley, in PA. Have you ever been. Also trying to get a couple of other people to go. Sorry I haven't replied, didn't realize it had been that long ago. My Military retirement is offical, I just got my Class A CDL at the 1st of the month, life has been busy for me. I am so jealous about your new toy....
    Went and got a gen2 Saturday..lol.. I love it yeah im going to sell my gen1 I like it but the gen2 just fits me so much better..I already sold the seat off of it..lol.. I need to redo the ad on craigslist 6 grand is what i want for it.. if not i will put it back stock and sell off all the parts then sell the bike so if your intereseted in any of the stuff on my bike let me know will give you first crack at it..

    I plan on doing carb work myself when I get time, more room, and a sync tool..
    Hi, got your message about carbs....I charge $150 plus parts & shipping, all o-rings, gaskets & jet block plugs run about $200 and I don't mark anything up. I have a spec sheet I could send if you send me your email add'y.
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