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  • My cousin Mike has an autoshop in Fort Brag....E&B Automotive.U know them? I've had my Max about 10 years & never did an overnight-er before.BUT I'm thinkin about a ride to Solvang to see the motorcycle museum they have up there.Never had my bike that far from home before.Are coast Hyw goes from La Jolla North to Oceanside.From there it's I-5 north to San Clementy to get back on the coast again.From there u can go all the way to long beach & Malibu.Mulholand Hwy will take u to the famous Rockstore.Thats about 120mi from Carlsbad.Keep going & youll be in Ventura County.Where u will have to go inland for a while.Depends on how far u wanna go,1 long beautiful ride:clapping: Just took a ride south to Cardiff by the sea today.Great biker bar there.:biglaugh: If yer ridden all the way to Mendocino.Yer a better man then me.I couldn't ride that far. 100mi of coastline for the day is about it for me Dave.
    I live near the coast Hwy in Carlsbad.What part were u thinking about riding.Southern Ca. or North or both?? I have lots of friends who love to ride the coast, we do it all the time.....Rusty:biglaugh:
    Hey Dave, thanks! Tell ya what, I'll trade the dance contest for a couple extra rides....I don't even care if it hails!! :rofl_200:
    Not the same event. What I'm going to is sponsored by Camaro Club of San Diego but it is still $20. with entertainment and a BBQ. It is at Tidelands Park.
    I mite go to that Dave.I wanna Get V-Mike to go too.I'll stay in touch with U OK.......Rusty:biglaugh:
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