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  • Hey Garret, I`m baaaacj.
    I sueered a bad accident on my max.
    I brok my leg and shattered mt knee and messed up my eyesight too(that's why I dis appeard) The bike suffered a broken mirror.the tip of the shifter and the footpeg came off but didn`t break.
    garrett, please delete my posted add for in the for sale section for my bike, i am going to keep it for now. thanks, tom
    Ricks (Twistedmax's) did but MtnMax/Magniacs didn't. He has over 20 yes votes. Not sure why but seems anyone I nominate has a hard time getting it. But I'm sure I'm just impatient. Thanks
    Garrett, just curious, should I not nominate people for awards? I kinda just took it on myself to nominate a couple people (Twistedmax, Mtnmax/Magniac) if I shouldnt just let me know. Just thought these guys deserved the ModMonkey award because they actually invented things for our bikes. But if moderators should be doing it instead of me I apologize. Thanks, Ed
    I was wondering if you would be able to delete the ads I have in the "for sale" section as my items have sold.

    I'm picking them up in about 2 hrs, I'll ask about bake in and get back to ya. I did see a set they did for someone else though, looked nice. I think you'll like them seeing how you like black too. I'm getting more into the black myself. More riding, less cleaning.
    Picking them up tomorrow,let ya know how they look. of course time will tell how good a job they do.
    Hey Bro added u to my friends list. Went to Powder Pro in New Bedford to have my Marks Header pipes ceramic coated, polished the cans myself. Wanted stainless, but black.Be done tomorrow. Seems to be a good place. I'll let u know how the pipes look. Check their web site out. http://powder-pro.net/
    The seller is from China. $220 and $55 for shipping That's for front and back rotors. I was a little unsure because of the price but they work great. I went with chrome bolts to mount them because the OEM bolts were to bulky and would not clear the forks (only in the front). The seller is: racingboy1982

    Just type in VMAX rotors in the ebay search and they should be in the group that pulls up.

    Hope this helps bro,
    got it off ebay fron a dealer in Japan. Bought the front and back as a set. good price and they work great. The rear with sythetic pads break 10 times better. If you are interested in getting a set I can dig up the details for you.

    Garrett, do you know when their picking January's mod of the month? They said it would be decided by last weekend but still not done. I'd ask but I dont think I'm very well liked here and that would definitely blow my chances of possibly winning. Thanks, Ed
    Hey Garrett, I'm looking for fork gaiters that will fit a 93 vmax (43mm uppers) and someone said you might know where to get some.
    Hey Garrett, How are you? I joined up on this forum. Lots of good info. Andrew from Ebay in Ottawa, Canada. (VmaxStar) Thanks.
    Yeah, I'm ok...when I got hit I was knocked on my ass/left hip and the bike kept rolling for 1/4 mile until it hit a pole and boulder at a driveway. I was only doing about 30-35 mph. Thanks for asking!
    Thats mate , that is why the chat was popping up with question i couldnt answer
    PW has been changed .
    Sorry for the late reply! don't know what you mean about the swingarm? it's stock. The bug eyes I got from Ebay for $50 and brackets for another $15 or so plus shipping.
    Hey garrett I've about finished my knee guards and I'm now looking for the bar end mirrors. Where did you get yours?
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