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  • Hi Jw:

    Thanks for the Vid on the diaphragms, I know it's been a while but can we still get just the diaphragms from someone? Do you have the contact info still?

    Thanks for the reply back on youtube. I'm looking forward to making some passes at eddyville.
    Every third Friday of the month indianola ia has a really big bike night about 5000 bikes and. I think one left. I am looking for carbon fiber tank lid and a rear fender and spark plug wire caps shift light how much for the motor
    Hey man we are actually fairly close by...maybe we can get some riding in this summer? I always like to meet another Vmax guy.
    Hey bro, I saw the video of that super rascal power chair and it rocks !!! I want one but the ol` lady says no LOL. so, I told her that I was going to build a wheel chair with the v max motor in it when I can1t ride any more. <<Dave>>
    Hey Jeff, fargo told me that he would buy the guitar for his son`s birthday.but, if you still want a nice guitar, I have a beautiful cherry sunburst les paul for sale.
    I will post pics of it in my gallery if you would like to see it.
    Take care, <<Dave>>
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