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  • Hello Sir, I finally decided to send my ECU to Tim Nash. I know the instructions were posted here somewhere that gave a step by step for removal. Any chance you could help point me in the right direction, I always enjoy reading all of your posts and I trust your advice. Thank you. John
    Hey this is vmax mike i want to talk with you about the gen 2 vmax. I'm thinking about buying one and i have question's and trust your knowledge. 517 260 2348
    I'd appreciate if you and your friends on starvmax would consider giving me another chance I learnt a lesson,I realized I was a hot head. To my defence in is impossible to read sarcasm in forums, I felt picked on so I fought back, I am working on myself to make that part of me better.

    If a few of you were willing to give me another chance the mods or admin of the site might let me come back,i know that is not possible without some support. I hope you will at least consider it.

    Text me pics of the exhaust and shocks I'm not in a hurry if it's the right price. Im on a budget I'm sure we can help each other out
    hey mark. had a few hiccups over the past couple months with parts. soon as i cleared that up my oldest puppy got sick and a week and 4k later we just had to let her go-i couldnt take watching her go thru all the shit it was gonna take to possibly save her we did all we could but she was just too old n tired to fight it any longer. the bike is scheduled in for the bench time to install the lowering link, new clear covers, exhaust, and 240 rear tire as well as the 8000 mile service. the ECU will be first thing out so i can get the reflash done for the new exhaust, next the top speed v1.1 chip (what was the original cost of this-do you recall?).then the PCV-which i think is worth $250 as its still new. which gets us to the point of this e-mail. the quick shifter it was 250 new and isnt available for sale by anyone! you are gonna give me the replacement lever so how does $150 sound? let me know if youre cool with this and we an go from there

    regards jeff in vt
    Hey brother, Im looking at a 2009 Vmax with 7k miles on it for 13K. I was wondering if you might have some tips to look at and wanted your opinion on the bike as a whole?
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