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  • Hey, awesome rear fender on the arch Angel 2013. The red one with the passenger seat pad. Mind if I ask you where you got it and what brand? I have a 2007 getting ready to paint and don't have one with a pad. Would like to take the wife for a ride. Also what air box cover is on it. I'm not looking to copy, but looking for ideas. Thank you!
    Are the gauges install sunpro, Do you pictures of the bracket that you use to mount the gauges back in front of the fake gas tank. I like your setup going to do the same thing. Is there water temp electric. Also I the tach setup to.
    I am looking for a belly pan like the ome in the picture. Do you know where to get one?

    Regarding your fan switch mod that you installed..... You sent me the link, but I had a question as to exactly how you spliced into the Tstat wires. Did you just piggy back the brown and blue wires coming off the Tstat switch, or did you actually remove the metal ends from the coupler, and soldier your wires on??? I removed te metal clips from the connector, but couldn't decide what was best.... Cut, soldier directly to, or use a tap feed. Suggestions? Thx. Ryan
    Hey KJ... Where can I get a rear rotor for my '06 that will match the Toby Huang fronts you showed me on ebay?...thanks again

    I just read a post from you dont know how old it is but i have a ptouch ill make any label you need
    Wow, just saw your wishes for my birthday. Thanks a lot !!!! Very kind of you and for me very happy to be remembered.
    Kelly, I'm doing the fan switch mod this weekend. What size drill bit did you use? I appreciate the help.
    Hey bud, I caught a pic of your bike from a while back and noticed your digital speedo. Who's it made by? I wanna get rid of mine.Thanks
    Hey KJ can you inform me about your dual headlight mod, I'm interested in doing this on my 88. Thanks,Bud
    Hey, nice to run across a fellow Vmax rider up here in the Frozen North! You guys riding yet? I'm down in Kenai and while getting to the road is exciting, the roads are good.
    hello:) good day. I saw this site, but it is too expensive for me:) and if I can properly judge, there is not quite the right thing. sensor shaft valves do not. (hence semi-sequential fuel injection and spark 4 times for 360 degrees, the coil will heat up well and generally not correct.) nozzles are too far from the valve, which is not very good and so on. for that price it should be so, that would not undermine the mosquito nose. yes, and most importantly, for me, just expensive.
    привет :) доброго дня .я видел этот сайт , но это слишком дорого для меня :) и,если я могу правильно судить,там не совсем правильно сделано . датчика вала клапанов нет .(значит впрыск полу-последовательный и искра 4 раза за 360 градусов,катушка будет нагреваться ну и вообще-не правильно . )форсунки стоят слишком высоко от клапанов ,что не очень хорошо ну и так далее . за эту стоимость все должно быть так,что бы комар носа не подточил .да и самое главное-для меня просто дорого .
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