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  • Absolutely. I'm ready to get out there and put in a good long ride. Especially after all the winter work I put in on my bike
    Yea sounds good, I?ve talked to some of the other Michigan riders, sounds like they do a few rides through the summer, and I?d love to join in on the fun.
    Thanks for the compliment on the new paint. It's kind of funny, I bought the bike on mother's day last year and for mother's day this year I got a new paint job. Cannot wait till next mother's day to come.

    Awesome, just the info I was looking for. I think I'll be ordering exhaust next week. I'll give you a call this week sometime, wouldn't mind stopping by to hear yours. I drilled holes in my stock exhaust because I hated it so bad and that just made it sound even worse. Oh well, I was planning on buying exhaust anyways.
    Hello and welcome to the Forum! I live in the Eastern U.P. near Sault Ste Marie, Brimley to precise. Let me know if you ever get up here and I'll meet up for a ride. I hope to get down state to events more often next riding season.
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