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Apr 8, 2020 at 2:37 PM
Jun 15, 2008
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Pittsburgh, PA
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Apr 8, 2020 at 2:37 PM
    1. Fire-medic
      Mike, thanks for the comment. I try to help when I can. This I believe is a younger person who has a thin skin. I try to avoid the confrontational issues that occur on many other sites. I'm giing to try ignoring him after this but I think he's got a bee under his bonnet fir me now.
    2. gundoc_iowa
      So I was reading the thread about led signals....where did you get the relay? Wondering how you got the brown wires loose? Not sure if I have the right tools, go in from the back of the plug? Also where did you get the relay? I am upgrading the lights on a 1985 max right now, (the wife's) but I'm going to do my 04 later. I know they're a little different.
    3. stevewhowell
      Hi Mike, I was searching the forum for references to; Oil Leak in the area of the Kickstand and saw your blog. I haven't gone into the engine for anything so your suggestion of probable cause being the "Shift Shaft" seal seems to be most likely, and after cleaning looks like the source. I ordered the Seal but am unclear of, do I have to take the Shift Shaft
      Assembly off only, or the Middle Gear cover also. In other words, Where does the Seal go?

      Thank you
    4. bikerchris
      Hi I was just reading on how you wired the servo with a switch and was curious about a couple things. When the switch is on and the servo is open that means the motor is constantly pulling on the cable isn't it going to overheat the motor and do you have a diagram of the switch wiring.thx chris
    5. pjmac5
      Thought I was sending a PM...Sorry
    6. Micahdean
      Bike looks great man. I just got an 06 this spring and love it. I'm having small issues here and there and was wondering if I could send my questions your way?
    7. hungryfroggy
      oops check ur private message
    8. adamax
      Hi again Mike, just a quick note to please ensure no brake oil would be leaking from the package, it shall be later on shipped in a box with other painted items. Thank you
    9. steven61467
      hi,you gave me some great advise on my stuck open vboost controller the other day,i took the left cover off as u instructed,but im not sure what u r refering to,so i took a pick and posted it
      would u mind telling me which of those u r speaking of?
      thank u very much
    10. timax
      meant to send a pm...
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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Construction Manager in the Telecom Field
    My VMax:
    My other bikes:
    Sportsman 570, Grizzly 450
    Young and dumb, trying to learn from my mistakes. Should be a genious soon.

    I'm boring. 2 much work. Hang with the family


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