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  • Is there a how to quide on how to turn on full time? I found something about disconnecting a module halfway through the cycle when key on but i lost tge reference lol
    To try it out, engine off, turn-on ignition with left scoop off. As VBoost cycles open and before it can close, unplug the round VBoost stepper motor plug. This keeps the butterfly pair in the VBoost open, and you can replace the scoop, and ride-around 'bad to the bone.'
    Staor wire shorted out on frame shorted out battery put new battery on turns over fine but sparkplugs get no fire thanking it is cdi box any ideals thanks brentmax
    I think you may have deleted the new ad I just posted today, any chance it a still in cyberspace and can be put back up? The old sold ad is at the bottom of page dated 11-06-16
    Can you please delete 11-10-16 post of mine 1995 for sale nwflorida? I have since had the carbs rebuilt and such and reposted it. Thanks. Jess's.
    I would really like to look into getting the key to work again vs. the toggle switch. Also, last night the horn was working great and now today it just clicks and no horn(??) Would that be the fuse? I still have the same horn you installed. I love that thing!!
    The old Max just gets better and better! Just did the CBR conversion and added LED turns to the front. Polished side covers now and you probably won't even recognize her! LOL! I would like to have you take a look at her mechanically. Everything is great, just not my forte. Thanks Mark!
    Mark, please refresh my memory on the name of the hotel you guys were staying at last year, and/or plan on staying again this year. Just sitting here and thinking it's more'n time to get a room for this year. My wife is so into her 09 Gen II now, that she wants to come as well this year.

    I made a contribution last week and it is not being posted. How long does it normally take to get the banner and access?


    Question for you. I posted a thread, Decals and Front Forks, and now cannot find it.

    On Forward Highway Pegs had two replys early this am, then later they are not there.

    HEY MARK,MIKE HEROD HERE.i got LOW SPEED ISSUES THAT HAVE BEEN WITH ME FOR AWHILE.i have the morley kit and factory pro needles,i beleive im at a 160 main and the top notch on the needles.i put the 177.5 paj 2's in just to try them but made no difference.the engine is a 1500 and it spits back and had a overall choppy low speed.ive tried unsuccessfully to synch the carbs .the air screws no matter the turns out dont help.this suggests lean low speed to me. can the paj 1' or2's influence low speed enough to give me these symptoms?stock pilot fuel jets.im running a kerker w/a 2 1/2 inch can too.these things love fuel.a little choke helps the spit and even a mild improvement in hot low speed.im pretty sure i have my answer but i figured id shoot it past you. do you have any larger pilot fuel jets?what 37.5's are stock i beleive.thanks mike
    I was told you clean carbs if I send them to ya. is that true? If so whats that run a guy and how long does it take you?
    hi, could you please tell me where you got your chrome neck covers for the Vmax? mine are cracked and i'd like to replace them with chrome ones. Thank You, Ed
    Just join the forum and set up my information and uploaded my avatar. However, when I post the avatar does not show up. I understand some forums request you to purchase some type of premier package to have this ability. I looked everywhere and I am still confused, can you give me some feedback on why or where I need to go to get this function working?

    Best Regards,
    Hey Mark, Ive been told and read that your the carb guy to talk to and was wondering if you could spare some time and help me out? KJShover has been helping me along on my thread but im looking any and all opinions and ideas, my bike is stock, except for my hacked off supertrapp slip ons.. so basically open headers until i ge the kerker 4 to 1 exhaust, but the bike ran fine with the exhaust like this before so im just trying to get it back to normal. My issue is at idle it runs a bit rich(i just need to adjust my A/F screws) and it runs fine up to 4k but flattens out between 4-7k then it starts pulling hard again(not real hard, but smooth) my airbox is stock and i leave the vboost open(it ran like crap with the exhaust open and the vboost closed before so i just left it open) i did try shimming the needles with 1mm washers, but my top end was nonexistant , so i pulled the shims and now my top end is back but my mid range is crap, any ideas? thanks

    Hi Mark, I want to let you know that I'll be at Topeka Dyno Day for the first time this year - weather permitting - and it's looking good right now. I'll be coming in from the Kansas City area and plan to arrive Saturday. If you have any info other than what's posted that you can pass along I'd appreciated it. Otherwise I'll be digging in my old emails for details. Thanks!
    Bon Shaw, Bon-86
    Hi, I wrote to you a few times in the past about carb problems, and I rebuild them several times even found a master rebuild kit for them still my max ran a little on the dudu side. I just wanted to let you know I problem all along was the air cut off diaphrams, just a quick look and they seem okey but if you turn them upside down and shine a small flash light threw them you could see a shit load of small pin holes around the side of them. I changed them out and now when I wack the throttle there is no popping at all ever. I guess that is where I was getting my air leak. I should of replaced them from the get go since the bike is a 1985 model. Let me know what you think, and have you heard of this happening to any one else.
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